Branch: Belgium

The three Royal Bands of Defence performing together at Nivelles Tattoo in 2012

Official presentation video of the Royal Band of the Belgian Guides

National Representative

Contacts and information:

Kris Schauvliege
Av. J. Bordet 68 – B46, B-1140, Bruxelles
Email : (NL / F / D)

Rodolphe Stroot – Email : (F / NL)

Facebook™: « International Military Music Society Belgium Branch »

Kris Schauvliege, Rodolphe Stroot & Antoine Moerenhout, Committee IMMS Belgium in Heverlee, 06/11/ 2013 (picture: Xavier De Groote)

History of the Belgian branch of the IMMS

The committee of the International Military Music Society asked Harry Harding to become the representative in Belgium in 1981. He started to recruit Belgian members and branch status was achieved in 1985. IMMS Belgium is currently a branch making huge efforts to increase the visibility of IMMS, our branch and to recruit new members.

The committee of IMMS Belgium is composed of three members: Kris Schauvliege, Rodolphe Stroot and Antoine Moerenhout. Eddy Geeraerts, composer of the official branch march “Belgian Parade” and former Director of Music, has been appointed honorary president of IMMS Belgium. His march composition “Belgian Parade” was recorded by the "The 2011 International Military Band" for the IMMS double album “Forty Marches around the World” in 2011 and by the “Royal Band of the Belgian Guides” for the CD “Belgian Marches Volume 5” in 2015.

The Belgian branch celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2015 and offers the following benefits to its members: the international magazine “Band International”, the branch magazine “Parade” in French and Dutch languages with more specific articles and reports, the branch agenda “Belgian Military Music News”, opportunities to attend the National Day Parade of 21 July, band visits and international IMMS gatherings.

Rodolphe Stroot, webmaster of IMMS Belgium, has developed the Internet site of IMMS Belgium providing links to videos of the Royal Bands of Belgian Defence and access to back issues of “Parade”. Our Facebook™ media tool enables us to post the latest news about military music activities in Belgium and abroad as well as news and pictures relating to IMMS Belgium activities. Our Facebook™ page is followed by more than 400 people worldwide!


Military music in Belgium

The Royal Bands of Belgian Defence consist of a Staff, based in Heverlee near Leuven, the Royal Band of the Belgian Guides, also based in Heverlee, the Royal Band of the Belgian Air Force, based in Beauvechain and the Royal Band of the Belgian Navy in Ostend. An academic musical degree and a 1st prize are the minimum recruitment requirements for new musicians who want to join one of these three professional bands. The Staff of the Royal Bands, instituted in 2005, is tasked with managing the planning, recruitment and administration of all three bands.

Beside the official Royal Bands of Belgian Defence above, the Royal Military Academy has a voluntary “Royal Military Academy Music Band” composed of students. This band occasionally performs at ceremonies, festivals or concerts. They participated in the Dutch National Tattoo in Rotterdam in 2011.

The Mounted Band of the Royal Escort of the Federal Police is no longer part of the Defence establishment since the restructuring of the Belgian Gendarmerie in the nineties. However the Mounted Royal Escort does still participate in official ceremonies such as escorts for the King or Foreign Heads of State as well as the National Day Parade of 21 July. * Internet Royal Bands of Belgian Defence: * Internet: