Branch: Australia

The Australian Branch has a small membership of enthusiastic military music supporters drawn from across the country. Because of the widespread location of members formal meetings are not held. Communication is by newsletter and increasing use of electronic media. The membership fee is currently A$28.00 per year which provides three editions of the IMMS International journal and a couple of newsletters which are intended to bring news of the Australian military bands. The annual subscription is payable to the Country Representative by 31st January each year. The Australian Branch welcomes enquiries about our bands, music and musicians, and particularly welcomes new members to the IMMS.

Military Music in Australia

 Military music is still very active in Australia with the three Services maintaining bands as well as some of the State police forces. The roles of the Service bands have changed over recent years with the pressures imposed by reduced numbers and the tasks required of the bands. The major role is now entertainment, which is undertaken within Australia and also with our deployed forces in East Timor and Bouganville. These tasks normally involve small groups but there is still the desire, when opportunity permits, to perform traditional military music. There are always parades to play our favourite marches."