CD 2: 40 Marches Around the World

International Military Music Society (IMMS, which was founded in the 1977 in the United Kingdom, has today more then 1500 members in 40 countries around the world. It was dicided in 2011 to produce a duble CD with 40 marches, one for each country.

The Production of this CD, took place in London in 2011, and was made possible with a military band consisting of 50 musicians representing: the Welsh Guards Band, the Irish Guards Band, the Coldstream Guards Band, the Swiss Army, the Polish Armed Forces & the Polish Border Guard, the German Armed Forces, the US Army Europe Band, the Finnish Defence Forces and the Norwegian Armed Forces
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CD 1: An International Festival of Marches

(No-longer available!)

cdFor the first time the International Committee of the IMMS has produced a military music compact-disc.

The title is: “An International Festival of Marches”

Played by The Band of the Corps of Royal Engineers (United Kingdom) conducted by Major E.H. Keeley, ARCM, A(Mus)LCM, psm. From nearly all countries, where IMMS is represented, there is an original march recorded on this CD, which gave the following result:

  1. Australia: Blue Blood(Gullidge)
  2. Austria: 99er Regimentsmarsch(Hunyaczek)
  3. Brazil: Avante Camarada(do E Santo)
  4. Belgium: Marche des Parachutistes Belges(Leemans)
  5. Canada. Canada on the march(Jaeger)
  6. Denmark. Kong Frederik IX Honnormarch(Nielsen)
  7. France: Marche Lorraine(Ganne)
  8. Germany: Jubelklänge(Übel)
  9. Gibraltar: Casemates(Rawlinson)
  10. Italy: La Marescialla(Creux)
  11. Japan: Gunkan(Setoguchi)
  12. Netherlands: IMMS Holland March(Lijnschooten)
  13. New Zealand: Invercargill(Lithgow)
  14. Norway: Isens Dronning(Elvestad)
  15. Portugal: Cavaleiros do Rei(Piedale Vaz)
  16. South Africa: Sarie Marais(Cori)
  17. Sweden: På Post for Sverige(Rydberg)
  18. United Kingdom: the Standard of St. George(Alford)
  19. U.S.A.: Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite(King)
  20. United Kingdom: Novarra(Sawerthal)